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About us

Established in 2002, UAB “Linkuvos Mėsa” is a family business that has been delighting customers with its exceptional meat products for more than 20 years. Our novelties are based on traditional ancient recipes, recreated through the expertise of our top-level specialists using the latest modern technologies. We pay constant attention to each product to ensure that ONLY quality and carefully selected products will reach YOUR table. To achieve this goal, we currently produce about 70 different products – a range of cold smoked goods, hot smoked goods, gourmet dried goods and of course the pride of the company – baked homemade rolls!


We take pride in establishing a natural production process for all meat products, to ensure we avoid presevatives in the recipe of each product as much as possible. While most customers tend to believe that manufacturers probably do not bother to present the correct labeling (“they indicate one thing on the label, but put what they want”) we can guarantee that all the information on our product labels is correct, reliable and always complies with the requirements. We periodically conduct internal audits, and we have an internal quality system in place to ensure traceability, so we can always identify the raw materials used in a particular product if necessary.


The company specializes in meat processing, consistently producing goods of the highest quality (you will not find products of I and II grades in our assortment). We place a great deal of importance in providing a diverse assortment of products, so you can currently find more than 70 different products – fresh meat, cold smoked products, rolls, hot smoked products, dried and boiled products. “Linkuvos Mėsa” products have received numerous awards, including the “Homemade Fried Pork Roll” award in 2022, organized by the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists; and the “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2022” award. In 2021, our homemade fried pork roll was awarded a gold medal at the “Choose a Lithuanian Product” exhibition. We have also certification through National and Culinary Heritage certificates.

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